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    We organize events throughout the year to help our members build skills, connect with potential employers, and network with other sustainability-minded people.

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    We are looking for new board members for 2018! If you're interested in being a board member at SBC (President, Vice-President, Chairman, Board member), send us an email at aaltosbc@gmail.com and we'll tell you more.


    More information about elections is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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    September 7, 2017
    April 5, 2017 · Sustainability,Helsinki
    February 20, 2017 · Sustainability
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  • Our Team

    2019 Board

    Anumaria Salminen


    Matthew Hill


    Harri Sihvonen


    Delphine Rumo

    Partnerships & Academic Relations

    Karelia Dagnaud


    Tatiana Dubois-Escorsell


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    Aalto Sustainable Business Club

  • History

    SBC was founded in 2008 by Helsinki School of Economics Students passionate about sustainability and its practices in the field of business. Every year SBC is led by a new board of energetic activists from different schools of Aalto University.


    Anumaria Salminen, President

    Matthew Hill, Vice-President

    Harri Sihvonen, Treasurer

    Delphine Rumo, Board Member

    Tatiana Dubois-Escorsell, Board Member

    Karelia Dagnaud, Board Member


    Ekaterina Perfilyeva, President

    Nina Saarikoski, Vice-President

    Claudia Troccoli, Treasurer



    Benjamin Leung, President

    Melanie Wolowiec, Vice-President

    Norbert Schmidt, Treasurer

    Claudia Troccoli, Board Member

    Nina Saarikoski, Board Member

    Ekaterina Perfilyeva, Board Member


    Paige Swaffer-Poutiainen, President

    Anuj Singh, Vice-President

    Heini-Maari Kemppainen, Treasurer

    Benjamin Leung, Board Member

    Elina Voipio, Board Member

    Riccardo Decarolis, Board Member


    Aura Korjonen, President

    Mikko Jääskeläinen, Vice-President

    Risto Lätti, Treasurer

    Marleen Wierenga, Board Member

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