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A review of the Sustainability Networking Event by Juuso Jokiniemi

As an old alumni from the Aalto University and a worker in the sustainability field, I had the pleasure to participate in the first Aalto Sustainability Business Club-organized Sustainability Networking Event in a few weeks ago.

The idea of the event was to bring together sustainability minded companies and students and to learn together more about sustainability as well as to network as much as possible. The event was organized in Ruoholahti at Sitra’s beautiful office space in 14th floor. The view was nothing but spectacular as everyone was marveling the sunset before the real action started.

There was a great variety of companies participating in the event. All participating companies come from very different backgrounds, which makes it interesting to get a different angle on sustainability focus. The following companies participated in the event: Demos Effect, Deloitte, EY, Gaia Consulting and Unilever. In addition to the companies there were 40 students from different University faculties participating in the event.

The evening started with an introduction speech from my friend and the host of the evening Tilman Bauer. After this all the companies introduced themselves shortly. Then began the most interesting part of the evening with different stations for each company.

The students were split into group of about 6 people and then each group would rotate through all stations from the different companies. In each station the companies had prepared different tasks for the students ranging from brainstorming and networking to asking free questions for the company representative.

After the stations Mikko Routti, the Executive Director at FIBS, gave a very interesting speech on sustainability in business. Finally, we had a tasty looking dinner which I had to skip unfortunately because of some other urgent errands.

All in all I have to say that the event was very well organized and I got to meet very interesting people and learned a more about sustainability. The best part of the event was to hear about sustainability from so many different angles and what it means to different companies. I can warmly recommend further similar events from the Aalto Sustainability Business Club!

Thank you,

Juuso Jokiniemi

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