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Aalto Sustainability Map

The list of all sustainability-related activities on campus

Aalto Sustainable Business Club ry (SBC)

SBC is KY’s theme club focused on sustainable business. We are a community of students passionate about sustainability and business. Our mission is to help students discover sustainable business practices and learn to build business of the future. Our activities are open to all Aalto students regardless of their major.

ASC ry - A Sustainability Community

ASC ry is an association created by students of Aalto Creative Sustainability to expand the dialogue about sustainability challenges in society, and to seek, initiate and implement cooperation and prototyping of sustainability strategies.

Creative Sustainability (CS)

CS is Aalto’s multidisciplinary programme on sustainability where students from design, business, architecture and real estate together study sustainability from different perspectives. CS courses are available to exchange students and as a minor.

Creative Sustainability Aalto University

This is the Facebook group where all sustainability folks in and around Aalto communicate, share updates and links, ask for advice and post their works. Good place to keep an eye on the most interesting opportunities.

180 Degrees Consulting Helsinki

KY-based pro-bono charity consultancy for students. 180DC is an opportunity to join 10-week real projects for consultancies aimed at social or environmental impact.

Aalto Vihreät (Aalto Greens)

The Green Party-inspired movement of Aalto students promoting a greener life and campus. Vihreät are part of the AYY representative council.

Impact Iglu

Aalto-based impact business accelerator that supports social entrepreneurship.

Aalto Climate

A Facebook page on climate and sustainable technologies and Aalto happenings related to climate technology and Climate-KIC.

Otaniemi Environmental Club

A gathering place for people interested in environment and nature. The club creates environmental awareness among students and offers an opportunity to experience nature.

Sustainable Aalto

University pages on how sustainability is integrated in Aalto’s activities


Aalto BIZ research portal on solar energy

Aalto Global Impact

AGI promotes and facilitates Aalto University´s research and educational programmes for societal impact globally.

Social Acceptability Study Network

A platform for knowledge and experience sharing about how we might be able to construct sustainable biobased society.

Sustainable Global Technologies Programme (SGT)

Sustainable Global Technologies programme runs a set of cross-disciplinary courses that look at the diverse connections between sustainability and technology in developing context.

Otaniemi Recycling Center

A recycling center located in the Otaniemi campus

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