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Co-creating SBC's brand & identity

Identity Workshop

This semester has had a nice kick-off with many insightful and inspiring events and excursions.  Yet, we felt that the image of our association needed to be clearer. On April 16, SBC invited members to participate in a co-creative Identity Workshop at the Aalto Service Factory to help us re-fresh our organizational identity and reinforce our communication plan.

aalto sustainable business club
The interactive workshop started by digging into the modern definition of brand and the disciplines of brand-building. We reframed SBC's vision and mission by using a World Cafe Method and a lot of post-its. It seemed that we all had more or less the same image about SBC. That's an important thing when it comes to branding because often member can have slightly different images about the brand and tone of voice.
aalto sustainable business club

Next step was to create our future path from no no no to oh yes! We mapped the way from what we don’t want to be to what we do want to be with words and pictures. One interesting thing that kept popping out was that we all like SBC's collaborative way of doing things and spending time with similar minded people.

Our members feel enthusiastic about various aspects of sustainability and want to have more connections with companies who share the same vision – connections that could create opportunities for collaboration through, for example, internships and school projects.

aalto sustainable business club

SBC will definitely continue as an easy to approach association that creates fun and insightful events. In the future, we will use the results generated from the Identity Workshop guide the future development of the organization. Please feel free to tell us what you would like to see SBC doing in the future.

SBC extends a warm thanks to our very own branding expert, CS design student, AK Varjus, for facilitating the workshop.  "This was was truly a delightful and above all fun session with SBC board members and insiders!", she commented.

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