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Designing our future careers with Business Model You

Skill Spotlight workshop ft. Grownups for Startups

Launching a new career is often difficult for students. In April, SBC teamed-up with Grownups for Startups to bring a whole new type of career design tool to our members.  Business Model You is a one-page method to design your career by treating yourself like a business.
We were a small group of familiar SBC faces and some new faces as well - a truly international group.  At Helsinki Think Company, the evening started with a brief introduction to the personal business model canvas.  The workshop continued interactively as we received our own life-sized canvas and a large amount of post-its.  Each of us began by spend some time plotting our first canvas. We focused on:
  • What we have: interests, personality, skills
  • What we do: action verbs!
  • Who we help: future customers
  • How we help: our personal value proposition
aalto sustainable business club
Once we had our first "rough draft", we then introduced ourselves (using the canvas) to a partner.  This was an important element because your partner could give you key recommendations and insights from another perspective. One environmental engineering student developed her unique value proposition: she was the person who brought ideas to life.  
aalto sustainable business club
Although the first canvas was difficult to develop, many of us commented that the tool would be extremely useful now and throughout our future careers.  It helped us reflect on what we can offer professionally as well as where we need further development.  By working with a partner, we benefited from different perspectives as well as helped others see themselves more clearly.  Organizers, Tuija Pulkkinen, Tuula Angervuo, and Paige Poutiainen noted that developing your personal business model canvas gets easier with practice and with each iteration.  
SBC would like to warmly thank Grownups for Startups for facilitating and teaching us such a valuable career design tool.  For more information about Business Model You, please see
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