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Do you want to keep up with sustainability news? Here’s a digest of interesting email newsletters about sustainable development, climate change and sustainable business that we recommend:

Climate Home

Climate Home is one of the biggest media specializing in climate change and international climate change politics. Their digests collect the main news on climate change in a very concise manner so you don’t have to spend a lot of time by keeping yourself updated. Climate Home is also an excellent website to find out latest updates on UN climate change negotiations. Subscribe here

Guardian Sustainable Business Network

British news giant The Guardian has a special themed Sustainable Business section with lots of articles on real sustainable business practices and examples around the world. More than that, it hosts Guardian Sustainable Business Network where you can enjoy such benefits as regular newsletters, job search portal and event invitations. subscription to Guardian Sustainable Business Network  

Carbon Brief

A great media for anyone deeply into carbon & climate change. Carbon Briefs publishes on low-carbon economy, carbon and climate change policy and technology. The website focuses on big data and quality graphics to present content in a visually appealing way to inform policy internationally. In their weekly newsletter you can find links to the most interesting content and chief editor’s summary of news. Subscribe here

SDSN newsletter

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) is catalyzing all high-level UN action on sustainable development. In SDSN’s monthly newsletter you can find out about the leaders of sustainable development and the progress towards Sustainable Development Goals, as well as high level political events on the topic. SDSN Website

Sustainable Brands newsletter

Sustainable Brands – is a global hub for all kinds of information about sustainability in business. The community collects and distributes useful information and news, organises support events for its member organisations. You can choose among a couple of their thematic newsletters on Business, Communications, Innovation, Research and Community. Sustainable Brands newsletter

European Commission’s Environment newsletters

The EU is actively involved in the development of environmental policies and there’s always something new you can find out about it. For all who are interested in these policies, the Commission offers thematic newsletters, e.g. Science for Environmental Policy, Eco-innovation Action Plan Newsletter, Beyond GDP Newsletter and others. The list of EC's Environment newsletters

Climate-L (climate lists)

The Switzerland-based International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) is arguably the best source for peer-to-peer information sharing among climate change and sustainability professionals. Anyone can submit news, updates, invites, call for papers through its Climate-L lists and receive the peer newsletter daily, weekly or monthly. Climate-L also collect information on open vacancies in the field. IISD Newsletter

Don’t forget about our own SBC newsletter too – it’s the best way to be the first to find out about our events!

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