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On the Couch | Degrowth

SBC's first On the Couch event

Sustainable Business Club of Aalto University School of Business organized the first On the Couch –event on last Friday 1st of November. On the Couch is a series of events that SBC is launching starting this fall, where people from different backgrounds can come together and discuss a topic, overseen by SBC and supported by an expert guest in the field of particular night’s theme. By doing this SBC hopes to bring more discussion and an interactive platform for especially students to have different kind of learning methods available, providing a relaxed setting that will be enjoyable to all attendees. Hopefully this will generate an atmosphere of open discussion, commenting, criticizing, and maybe even understanding different themes and each other’s thoughts about them better.
Aalto Sustainable Business Club
The first On the Couch’s theme was Degrowth. The event was organized at the HUB Helsinki in Kamppi, refreshments were sponsored by Nokian Panimo, and food by the SBC. The guest was the researcher of Aalto University, activist, and entrepreneur Timo Järvensivu.

The conversation flew through the night from the definition of Degrowth to the importance of economic growth and measuring it, to immaterial growth versus material growth, from Post-Keynesian economics to basic marketing theories. From opening up new kind of political dialogue to being open for new perspectives with the last remarks being the importance of seeking higher levels of learning and trying to understand the systems and society that we have build better.
Aalto Sustainable Business Club

At the end of the successful event, there seemed to be consensus with the attendees that there was not enough time to go deep in all the aspects of the topic, so the conversation was continued in the night of Helsinki.
Aalto Sustainable Business Club
On the Couch –event series will continue in the future. Suggestions for guests and themes are welcome, the next event being possibly during the first few months of 2014. These will be informed through the Facebook –page of SBC so be on the lookout!
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