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Open positions: Project team members for SBC Development Week event

We are looking for several members who want to help SBC organize an event during AYY Development Week 2015.

The goal of AYY Development Week is to raise awareness of global responsibility in Finland and mutual cooperation with developing countries. Different organizations organize events, workshops, talks, etc. around the year’s theme.

This year the week runs 26-30 October, and the theme is the role of technology in development.

Team members will work with project leader (and SBC member), Claudia Troccoli.

Why get involved?

Taking an active role in organizing SBC activities is fun! Plus, it helps you promote sustainability and build valuable skills (like event organization or project management) that you can add to your CV.

What SBC offers you?

All projects, events, and activities are based on voluntary work done by our passionate members. We at SBC will give your team plenty of support, such as help with practical matters, finding event space, budget guidance, and communications. It’s easy, we promise!

Want to help but you’re not an SBC member yet?

That’s great! We welcome you too. Helping out will give you a good introduction to what SBC is all about, and you can always join for free by clicking here.

How to apply?

Send us an email at with the subject: SBC Development Week project team and we'll get in touch.

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