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SBC elects new board members for 2015

Classes are wrapping up and signs of the holiday season are everywhere.  It is that time of year again - time to elect a new SBC board.  On Tuesday morning, 9 December 2014, SBC members met at Aalto University to elect new board members for the upcoming year.  The final results were as follows:
Paige Poutiainen, Chairman
Anuj Singh, Vice-chairman
Riccardo Decarolis, Communications Officer
Heini-Maari Kemppainen, Treasurer
Benjamin Leung, General Board Member
Elina Voipio, General Board Member
The new members will become active beginning on 1. January.  Board members from 2014 will also hold a training session in early January.  Please see SBC's Facebook page for meeting details.
Congratulations to the new board! We look forward to a great year in 2015.
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