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SBC learns to network!

Networking with Confidence Masterclass featuring Peter Kelly

Friday, 13 March, the Sustainable Business Club co-organized its first ever networking training with the Aalto Management Consulting Association.  The afternoon featured award-winning trainer and educator Peter Kelly of Aalto University.  SBC members, AMCA members and a number of new faces gathered together to learn the tools to confidently and competently work a room.   
aalto sustainable business club
Luckily, it wasn't all about listening.  A few lucky attendees were invited to join Peter to demonstrate his networking principles.  We learned how to prepare for networking, how to approach a loaner, how to tell which groups you can and can't join, how to give a proper handshake, the ins-and-outs of business cards, and networking etiquette, among many other things. 
One typical networking question, however, had most of us stumped: "What do you do?"  Peter posed that question to us, and we quickly learned how hard it is to answer in an interesting way.  Some of our typical answers included "I study... ", "I recently graduated..." or "I am looking for a job."  Peter showed us that these answers do not tell anyone about the value we offer.  He demonstrated by giving us his own 'what do you do' answer: he helps nurture the entrepreneur within.  Now that's an interesting value statement!
aalto sustainable business club
After the event, the attendees were quick to practice all the their new tools.
aalto sustainable business club
Feedback after the masterclass was very positive.  Students were discussed how they could improve their own "what to you do?" answers.  Many more were eager to have more professional development events like this one.
Many thanks to Peter Kelly for joining us and to all the SBC and ACMA members who helped prepare.  If you have an idea for a SBC workshop, please pitch your idea to us at aaltosbc [at] 
aalto sustainable business club
To view Peter's slides, please click the button below:
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