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SBC meet-up with GoSol

On 2 February, we met up with Urs Riggenbach from GoSol in Café Mascot for a casual drink and chat. Manjil Rana, founder of Maya Universe Academy, was not able to make it to the event because of urgent matter and had to return prematurely to Nepal. Despite the news, a few SBC members and non-members showed up to meet Urs who talked about GoSol and Maya Universe Academy in Nepal, which he had visited before.

Some information we got about GoSol

  • Urs works as a project manager and website developer for GoSol since 2012.
  • GoSol is a platform run by a small, team of innovators and environmentalists who have created Solar Fire Concentration Limited, a social enterprise start-up based in Tampere, Finland
  • They have built and tested solar concentrators that can be assembled easily with simple tools.
  • The solar concentrators can heat boilers or ovens to temperatures up to 600°C.
  • Planning to get funding for expansion and also to publish open source manual for building solar concentrators.

Some information we got about Maya Universe Academy:

  • Maya Universe Academy (MUA) is the first and only private school chain of Nepal which provides free education to primary students
  • Parents do volunteer work for the school every month in exchange for their children's free education.
  • MUA established several schools in Nepal amid huge challenges caused by remoteness of locations, bureaucracy and corruption. Commitment of communities kept MUA alive.

The night concluded with a dinner out after the bar chat in a Nepalese restaurant as a tribute to Manjil who was not able to come.

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