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SBC Visits Fazer: Corporate Responsibility at Finland’s biggest food industry brand

Last week we visited Fazer, one of the top brands in Finland and the biggest local producer of confectionery, bread, cereals and food services.

The hostesses welcomed us with some chocolate to taste and our tour began with a short introduction into the history of the brand, which is turning 125 years old this year. After even more chocolate, we had a pleasure to have Nina Elomaa, the corporate responsibility director of the Fazer Group who kindly agreed to give a presentation on corporate responsibility (CR) activities.

Nina gave us an extensive insight into many aspects of CR at Fazer, the group’s new strategy for improved performance and goals set for the next years, including, for instance, reaching the target of 100% responsible suppliers of cocoa.

Only four people work in Fazer’s CR team. “Responsibility is an integral thing for the Fazer Group and every employee integrates it into their work no matter what department they belong to. It’s not like CR work is done by our small team only”, Nina assured.  

After Nina’s presentation our tour transformed into a fruitful and very detailed discussion on responsibility and sustainability. The participants asked a lot of questions on responsibility and sustainability. We talked about how Fazer sources raw materials, what countries they come from and whether promoting healthy food is on Fazer’s radar for the recent future.

Having asked all possible questions we had, our group proceeded to the factory side to have a look at small exhibits of Fazer history and its current big brands. And of course, that small exhibition ended with an “all you can eat” room where we didn’t lose any minute to stuff ourselves with chocolate and candy.

We thank Nina Elomaa and Fazer’s visitor center for hosting us there and looking forward to seeing the brand’s endeavours on improving social and environmental sustainability further.
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