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SBC visits KONE Hissit

Company excursion to KONE Hissit Oy

On January 22, 2015, the Sustainable Business Club (SBC) kicked off the event season with a road trip to visit KONE Hissit in Hyvinkää.  Twenty of our members were able to tour the factory floor - complete with funky-looking shoes and orange vests. (Sorry! No camera allowed means no photos from the super secret factory floor.)
Aalto Sustainable Business Club
After the tour, we were welcomed to a discussion on sustainability at KONE with company representatives.  It was nice to find out that KONE is a leader in eco-efficiency, having reduced its energy consumption by around 70% in the past few years.  Other notable facts include:
  • Much of KONE's products at their end-of-life are recycled.
  • KONE puts a big emphasis on their service business, so that maintenance and modernization efforts greatly extend the life of their products.
  • Around 30% of new elevators are made with recycled materials.
Our group was full of insightful questions.  The most interesting one, thought, had to be: is KONE hiring?  We were happy to learn that the company offers summer jobs and an International Trainee Programme.  For potential applicants, it turned out to be a great opportunity to network with KONE professionals.  We were also excited to hear that KONE is open to being a part of a future sustainability career event with us.
aalto sustainable business club
Overall, the member feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive.  SBC would like to thank KONE for hosting us, board member Elina Voipio for organizing the trip, and all of our volunteer drivers.
For more information about careers at KONE visit:
SBC welcome suggestions for future collaboration.  If you are a company who would like to organize an event with us or a student who would like to suggest an event idea, we encourage you to email us: aaltosbc [at]
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