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SBC visits Stora Enso: Efforts to make Sustainability part of the organization’s DNA

Our SBC company tour continued in April with a visit to Stora Enso’s headquarters in the port area of Helsinki. Being one of the largest global producers of wood, paper and biomaterials, the company aims to replace all fossil-based materials with solutions from renewable sources.

We had the chance to visit the Innovation Centre for Packaging - a venue where Stora Enso develops innovative and sustainable packaging concepts together with its customers and other stakeholders. The innovation team’s motto ‘doing more with less’ is also visible in one of the current research areas, which is Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC). The MFC technique breaks down the fibre while creating a stronger material, which allows Stora Enso to decrease the input of raw materials.

Besides getting a glimpse into current product innovation work, Tytti McVeigh and Frank Seier gave us extensive insight into Stora Enso’s sustainability agenda. The company has won the Finnish Sustainability Reporting Competition in 2015. As the current Head of Human Rights and Social Affairs, Frank Seier introduced us to the concept of Business and Human Rights and Stora Enso’s recent efforts in this area. Two years ago, the company experienced heavy critique when media reporting uncovered child labour in their waste paper supply network in Pakistan. We had an extensive discussion about the topic, and our hosts patiently answered all our questions.

The Sustainable Business Club thanks Stora Enso for inviting us to their premises and allowing us to take a critical look into their efforts to make sustainability part of their company’s DNA. We are all curious to see how Stora Enso will further develop its sustainability agenda.

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