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Skill Spotlight workshop | Lateral Thinking

SBC and Chris Holtslag collaborate in pilot Skill Spotlight workshop

Sustainability-minded members gathered on November 11, 2014, at the
Helsinki Think Company to attend the Aalto Sustainable Business Club’s
first ever Skill Spotlight workshop.  Skill Spotlight is a pilot for a
new type of workshop aimed at members’ skill development.  The idea
was born through a chance meeting of workshop organizer and member
Paige Poutiainen and budding entrepreneur and creative facilitator
Chris Holtslag.
Chris Holtslag
A diverse group of students were in attendance, coming from many
different countries and disciplines. The pilot focused on the
development of Lateral Thinking skills with the goal of brainstorming
new innovative activities for the SBC.   The programme began with a
brief introduction by Paige and continued with interactive instruction
by Chris.  During the workshop, members had the chance to discover two
new Lateral Thinking tools (Random Entry and Provocation) and use them
to generate new ideas.  The concepts behind the ideas were then
extracted and used to create a concept fan.  Some intriguing ideas
included a flashmob, member sleepover, and product competition.  Many
other interesting ideas emerged and will be included in the discussion
of upcoming events.
Chris Holtslag
Throughout the entire two hour event, the energy was high and the
discussion was very interactive, one of the elements most appreciated
by the attendees.   Feedback after the event was overwhelming
positive.  Several members have expressed interest in future Skill
Spotlight workshops, starting hopefully in early 2015.
Chris Holtslag
The Aalto SBC extends a warm thank you to our guest speaker Chris, to
the various members and friends who assisted with communication and
snacks, and to the attendees who make our events successful!
Chris Holtslag
Chris Holtslag is a Netherlands native with a background in Industrial
Design and Sustainability.  Currently based in Helsinki, he is on a
mission to create new ideas with others and empower them to think
outside the box.   Read more about Chris at
Photo credit: Mikael Lavi Photography
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