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Welcoming the autumn term with Mursu Expo 2016

By Pok Tik Benjamin Leung, President of SBC.

· Sustainability,Helsinki,Aalto Business

Summer is over despite the warm weather lingering on. It's time to get down to business, and even more so, sustainable business!

SBC welcomed the new Aalto University business students at the Mursu Expo as part of the orientation program.

Tatu Leinonen - Sustainable Business Club - Mursu Expo 2016

Photo: Tatu Leinonen, ex-Board Member of SBC, winning hearts and minds with the help of organic carrots.

The SBC stand offered an event exclusive combination of organic carrots and guacamole dips. To our surprise, it worked well with the Walruses (KY student union inside joke). As a result, the club had over 40 new member signups, a great reward for the hard work both during the event and the past year.

Sustainable Business Club, SBC - Mursu Expo 2016

Photo: Our volunteers running the stand (from left) Norbert Schmidt - Treasurer, Pok Tik Benjamin Leung​ - President, Tatu Leinonen - ex Board Member.

Although the slow KY-talo internet and bad data connection rendered our computers useless, it did not stop our passionate volunteers from capturing the attention of oncoming students with their words. A great thank you to Tatu and Norbert for helping out with the event happen.

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